Game Funding, Advertising and User Acquisition for Indie Developers

We at Marvelous AQL Europe are excited to announce MarvDev, a new partnership program for indie and small developers of free-to-play games. If you’ve created, or are creating, a great smartphone game, we’re here to help – with funding, game design, operations and marketing.

With 150 games being released on the app store each day, and publishing giants pouring their VC money into user acquisition, it’s become near-impossible for indie and smaller developers to get their games noticed.

Many developers are thinking that marketing is the answer – but it’s only half the story. Money spent acquiring users to a game they play once and forget, or keep playing but never pay for, is money wasted. Recent data from Playnomics suggests that, for an average game, 90% of players will never come back after the first day.

In the west, Marvelous AQL is mainly known for console titles like No More Heroes, Little Kings Story and Harvest Moon, but we’ve also created some of the most critically and commercially successful free-to-play social and mobile games in Japan.

Successful Japanese mobile and social games can achieve ARPPUs in excess of $200 per month – and games like DeNA’s Rage of Bahamut, which has been one of the top grossing games in the west since its launch earlier this year, demonstrate that these games can work in here too. With Japan and Asia’s free-to-play markets being considerably more established than western ones, there are clear lessons to be learned, and benefits to partnering with a Japanese/Western team to maximise a game’s potential.

What we’re seeing is that, despite certain cultural aesthetic and gameplay differences, the core social mechanics seem to work worldwide. Western developers excel at creating fun, polished games, but may need help keeping people playing, and getting people paying. That’s where we can help.

We work with developers to hone their gameplay, to keep players coming back, their monetization to encourage them to spend, and their marketing and PR to help drive new players to their games.

So, if you’ve got a great game and need some financial, marketing or monetization help, get in touch via our contact page.

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